10 Books Worth Investing In

10 Books Worth Investing In

If you want to be successful as an investor, then you must be ready to embrace a good reading habit. Fortunately, there are a lot of good books out there that can sharpen your knowledge base.

However, if you are yet to have clarity in regards to suitable books you should add to your reading list, let us help you with these ten.

“Conspiracy of Fools: A True Story” (2005) by Kurt Eichenwald

This is a wonderfully written book that gives a deep insight into the Enron meltdown. It was written by a senior investigative reporter at The New York Times- who showed readersthe causes of the biggest failure in corporate history. The book is not only educative, but was also written in an exciting manner that will get you hooked.

“The Battle for the Soul of Capitalism” (2005) by John C. Bogle

John Bogleisa man that deserves attention, being the founder of the famous Vanguard. In the book, he pressed into the financial system in the United States, and he stated some facts about the imperfections of capitalism.

He talked about how some CEOs were overcompensated and about the overpriced mutual funds (as well as a host of other things).

“Fooled by Randomness” (2004) Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Nicholas is an experienced trader and a mathematics professor, and he drew from his wealth of knowledge to state the role of luck in being successful financially.

If you are interested in knowing the role of skill in stock picking, or things related to this, Taleb’s book will give you some new perspectives.

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“Freakonomics” (2005) by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner

This is a nice book that can be understood by anyone who is serious about acquiring knowledge. A lot of things were revealed in this controversial book. It dealt with ‘real-world topics’ like hierarchy of drug dealers’ networks, violent crime, etc. Simply add this book to your reading list to fuel your knowledge base.

“A Mathematician Plays the Stock Market” (2003) by John Allen Paulos

Of course, we can’t separate numbers from stock market analysis. Many people assume that mathematical genius givessome hidden insight that the rest of uscannot hope to match. However, John used his own strength to beat the Street and he gave some lessons to his readers in an exciting way. He explored the mathematical theories and technical analysis strategies that usually fail – all in a manner anyone should love.

“Bull’s Eye Investing” (2004) by John Mauldin

When theauthor of this book pierced into the future, he never saw the traditionalbuy-and-hold talk as a reasonable stock market strategy. John discussed the virtues of absolute return investment vehicles (like hedge funds) as ways one can make a lot of cash in a decade that he believes will be marked by stagnant markets.

“The Millionaire Mind” (2000) by Thomas J. Stanley

This book exposed the type of thinking that helped some millionaires become extremely rich. Of course, Thomas Stanley is an authority in his own right, and he deserves being given appropriate attention. He has written various nice books in times past, and “The Millionaire Next Door” is a book you should read if you desire to be a millionaire. The book gave a profile of a millionaire, and you should check it out.

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“Value Investing Today” (2003) by Charles H. Brandes

When we talk about the investment world, we can’t ignore gurus like Benjamin Graham, Charles Brandes and Warren Buffet. Here are men who have a big impact in the market and have made themselves very rich by playing the games correctly.
In “Value Investing Today”, Charles talked about the strategies. If you are going to get the book, ensure you buy the latest edition – you will see some strategies to capitalize on international markets there.

“The Fifth Risk” (2018) by Michael Lewis

This book will take you on a journey inside the structure of the US government and the administration of President Donald Trump

“The Fifth Risk” explored the strengths, hidden activities, imperfections and risks of the government. If you are a player in the financial market, Lewis will give you a new perspective on the state of the economy

“John Neff on Investing” (1999) by John Neff

John achieved numerous success in the investing world and so, has what it takes to teach others his strategies. He started humbly – bought low and sold high. In the book, Neff shared valuable insights about investing (although you shouldn’t think you will find shortcuts to earn quick cash here).

In Conclusion

These books will surely broaden your perspective and open your eyes to various other things you won’t have known existed. Irrespective of which book you will read, ensure you stick valuable lessons close to your heart. No knowledge is wasted!


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