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Last updated on August 20th, 2018 at 08:09 am

Our website

Infobasepedia is an online platform that centres on well-researched articles on finance and business, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and FinTech.

Other areas of coverage of Infobasepedia include blogging as a hubby and a way to personal finance, using social media for business promotion, updates about Financial Technology, and general tips that can help you project your business to the entire World.

Under the general tips we will delve into cryprocurrency, fashion as a business an how to start your own fashion boutique, interviews with young entrepreneurs and netpreneurs, and twitter trends that focus on business.

Financial independence is the main focus of the blog, and that we’re going to do by publishing articles that we believe will serve your information need.

Our Mission:

To give web users unrestricted access to business and finance contents that will help them gain financial freedom.

Our Vision:

To be the most truly place to gain legitimate online financial freedom.

Infobasepedia history

We got the idea of the name “infobasepdia” from the global online archive “wikipedia” however, our own areas of information is focused on some specific areas, which we hope and shall continue to cover every information about them.

From time to time, Infobasepedia will also offer some insightful analysis on blogging, and how bloggers can make a living out of the contents they create online.

The main purpose is to help people around the world lay their hands on useful information that will turn their lives around.

Who owns Infobasepedia?

Infobasepedia is a private online platform that connects the world with information that will help them make the right business choice.

Created by Opeyemi Quadri, a netpreneur, who has been making a legitimate living online in the last five years.

Lastly, Infobasepedia believes in plain language of Walter Bagehot, most famous 19th-century editor of The Economist.

In this regard, we are going to be conversational, to put things in the most direct and picturesque manner, as people would talk to each other in common speech, to remember and use expressive colloquialisms”.

On Infobasepedia, we shall talk to you as do one on one, and that shall remain our style as we continue to bring you great business contents that will be useful to you.

Infobasepedia was established on August 16, 2018, even though some people opine that the internet is saturated with millions of blogs/website, but we believe that one thing will surely makes each blogs unique.

Our uniqueness is the fact that we will give you the kind of information you would be able to use: no technical words, straight in the language you would understand.

If you landed on Infobasepedia website for a business or fintech information it means you want an information, so the best way is to simplify everything, JUST FOR YOU.

We’re excited to have you here, we’d also be to get your feedback on the topics we cover.

Welcome to infobasepedia!